GlassGas Filter Cartridges
Super-fine Glass Microfiber · Pre-filtration

Cobetter GlassGas Filter Cartridges are made of super-fine glass microfiber which have over a 90% dirt holding capacity. They are highly recommended for the pre-filtration of foul gas as an effective protection for final sterile-grade filters to increase their service life.

Features and Benefits

  • High voids volume filter media
  • High flow rates
  • Low pressure drops
  • High absorption and retention efficiency

Typical Applications

  • Compressed Air
  • Antibiotic Fermentation Air
  • Bio-engineering Fermentation Air

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Materials of Construction

Filter MediumSupre-fine Glass Microfiber
Support LayerPolypropylene
Core/Cage/End CapsPolypropylene
O-RingsPlease refer to ordering information
Effective Filtration Area0.61 m / Ф71-10inch

Operating Conditions

Max. Temperature80°C
Max. Differential Pressure

4 bar / 21°C

2 bar / 80 °C

Steam Sterilization (Autoclave)121°C / 30min

Pressure Drop and Flow Rate

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