Duredunty Filter Cartridges
Double-layer PES Membrane · Sterilizing Grade

Duredunty®  Filter Cartridges are made of a unique double-layer PES membrane and designed for use in beverage and pharmaceutical applications including particles, cysts, oocysts, and bacterium in the water. They provide superior flow rates and high particle removal efficiency when compared to other sterilizing grade filter cartridges.

Features and Benefits

  • Double-layer membrane provides excellent sterilization
  • Asymmetric pre-filter layer  has a longer life and reduces filtration cost
  • Broad chemical compatibility (pH 1-14)
  • Integrity Testable

Quality Standards

  • Tested with B.diminuta (ATCC 19146 at 108 -1010 /cm² (>99.999999%)
  • Manufactured under ISO 9001:2000
  • Each element is individually Integrity Tested

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Material of Construction

Filter MediumDouble Layer PES Membrane
Support LayerPolypropylene
Internal Adaptor Reinforcing RingPBT(Polybutylene Terephthalate)
/ Stainless Stee
Effective Filter Area1.28m2 / Φ69-10 inch

Operating Conditions

Maximum Temperature90°C
Max.Differential Pressure
4.0 bar / 21°C
2.1 bar / 90°C
Steam Sterilization(Autoclave)121°C / 30min
Inline Steam Sterilization121°C / 30min
Hot Water Sterilization85°C / 30min

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