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Our Vision, Mission, Core Values, and Guiding Principles

Our Vision, Mission, Core Values, and Guiding Principles

Our Vision

Our vision, mission, core values, and guiding principles are the driving force behind Cobetter Filtration

Our Vision

Establish Cobetter as One of the Leading Filtration Manufacturing Companies Worldwide

  • Our products have a high reputation among our global customers
  • We have earned the trust of our customers

To Continue to Grow as a Company by Being an Industry Innovator

  • To be a global leader providing innovative solutions so customers achieve their targets

Purify the Environment and Deliver Peace of Mind

Our Core Values

Cooperation Makes the Better Future

Our Mission

Cobetter Filtration  Cooperation Makes a Better Future by Purifying the Environment and Delivering Peace of Mind

Our Core Values

We Value:

  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Leadership
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Teamwork and Mutual Support
  • Passion
  • Individual and Social Responsibility

Our Guiding Principles

Patience and Respect

  • We respect all individuals and their contributions
  • We guide and foster our employees so that they  can achieve their goals
  • We make contributions to distributors, suppliers, and other partners


  • We promote employee growth in their education through cross-cultural study
  • We study the latest manufacturing principles including Japanese Management  and Theory of Business, Six Sigma, and Strategic Planning


  • We will continue to develop highly innovative products that meet and exceed customers’ expectations
  • We are devoted to providing optimized solutions and services to our customers
  • We attract talent


  • We expect our managers to be the models within our Company to show employees what hard work and dedication can provide
  • We provide employees with the opportunity to own shares
  • We grow from within by providing our talent employees opportunities for personal growth

Community Sustainability:

  • We take on social responsibilities and make contributions to our communities and countries

Purifying the Envirnment & Delivening Peace of Mind