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Filtration , Purification & Separation

As one of the leading global innovators of filtration solutions, Cobetter focuses on membrane technology application and R&D. In addition, we are dedicated to supplying filtration, separation, and purification solution across all industries worldwide.Domestically (in China), 90% of pharmaceutical companies, 80% of food and beverage companies, 90% of microelectronic companies along with multinational chemical and medical device companies utilize Cobetter products and solutions.

We are the leading filtration company in Asia that provides a full range of development, designing and manufacturing capabilities.

As a large global company, Cobetter has a workforce composed of 600 employees and 230 engineers providing services to 3,200 customers in 80 countries including 250 customers in Japan.  With a strong focus on the international market, Cobetter exports 50% of her products to overseas markets.

Cobetter is a technology-driven company that is committed to R&D and innovative filtration solutions.Our R&D department, lead by 10 overseas technical experts and 100 domestic engineers, is committed to producing microporous membranes, nano-fibers, and tangential flow filtration membrane cassettes With over 1200 products and 100-patented technologies, Cobetter has developed a full product range composed of core materials with unique performance capabilities. Our product scope includes microporous membranes, pleated filter cartridges, filter capsules, UF modules, stainless steel filters, coalescing separators, customized filtration systems, and filter validation services (testing and analysis). Through our R&D department and product scope, we provide advantages in all aspects of filtration.